Cheapest Shipping Rate to Germany and Hong Kong


With CourierPoint, sending parcels to Germany has never been easier! As if that is not enough, the international delivery service company has also made international shipping affordable. A cheap international shipping fee may seem like something that is impossible to exist – but with CourierPoint, nothing is impossible! Majority of people who have been used to paying an arm and a leg to have a small package delivered to Germany or other part of the world may consider such offer as iffy. After all we have all been made to believe that the price we have to pay always speaks for the quality of product or service that we get, while the concept behind it is not necessarily wrong, it’s worth noting that it’s not necessarily right all the time as well.

CourierPoint, for instance. With the large amount of parcels and other types of items they have to deliver, they receive a large discount, and instead of using it to maximize their profit, the company uses it as a reason to provide its customers with affordable pricing. The honest prices is what attracts their customers in the beginning, and their top-notch service is what turns them into loyal customers. For more than 16 years, CourierPoint has been the go-to courier service company of many customers. Not only that, the company also offers the greatest accessibility.

Need a quote on a parcel to other parts of the world such as Hong Kong? Follow the parcel to Hong Kong link and all you have to do is fill in the required form displayed on the page. With the starting shipping fee to Germany for as low as £15.93 and £17.84 for the starting shipping fee to Hong Kong (all of the aforementioned starting prices are VAT included), you do not have to worry about emptying your bank account just to get your parcels arrived safely and on-time at the doorstep!

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